How often do you think about your feet?  We spend all day walking, standing and balancing on them without much thought as to how…..until they start to hurt!

Now that we’re in the dog days of summer and everyone’s spent the last couple of months wearing flip flops or sandals and walking the beach barefoot, we’ve been seeing people coming in complaining of sore, achy feet and even plantar fasciitis! These are issues that we work with regularly in the office and can definitely help with. Let me explain a few of the ways:

  1. Cait adjusts extremities! What this means is that Dr. Cait can adjust other areas on the body like wrists, elbows, sinuses, knees, ankles and even feet! Sometimes the issue can be a structural one and an adjustment on that area can make sure everything moves how it’s supposed to.
  2. In active care we focus on stretches and exercises to stretch and strengthen. One of the easiest ways to alleviate foot pain is to roll the muscles and tendons in your feet out with a golf ball. Next time you’re in the office have us show you how!
  3. ALINES are the orthotics that we carry in office. These orthotics are different than the ones you can get over the counter at your drug store in that they work on strengthening the muscles in your feet instead of just holding them in a certain position. This helps your lower body alignment to be better with or without the orthotics in.
  4. Massage on the muscles of the feet and lower legs can work wonders on tightness and tension. A 30 min massage focusing on the lower part of the body is a great option for loosening up those hard to get at muscles.

Our feet do a lot for us and they deserve some love in return! If you or someone you know has pain in their feet, let us help!

  • Emily