Massage treatments can benefit patients in many ways, from reducing stress to treating sore muscles. Not only does a massage feel good, it can also:

Relax you. People today are under an immense amount of pressure and stress, which manifests in our bodies. Massage can help your body relax, reduce stress levels and improve your mood.

Reduce cortisol levels. When your body is under stress, it produces unhealthy levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that can lead to digestive problems, weight gain, headaches and sleep issues. Massage therapy can help reduce the body’s cortisone levels.

Improve circulation. Regular massage therapy treatments can help treat blood circulation problems and increase blood circulation. This helps improve blood flow to stiff and tired muscles, and promotes healing for damaged muscles. Massage treatment can also remove lactic acid from muscle tissues.

Lower blood pressure. Studies have found that regular massage treatment can reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Reduced blood pressure can help lower your risk of a variety of health issues, including heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

Relax muscles. Massage feels good on tired and sore muscles, and it can also help repair them. By applying pressure to strained or injured muscles, your massage therapist is promoting circulation, which in turn increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen traveling to damaged tissue – helping it to repair itself faster.

Lower back pain. According to a study by Pain Medicine, 50 percent of people with chronic lower back pain reported a significant decrease in their pain levels after 10 sessions of massage therapy.

Strengthen the immune system. Because of the soothing effect massage has on the body by reducing stress, improving circulation and lowering blood pressure, massage can help boost your body’s immune system and help you more effectively fight off minor illnesses. Patients also experience a boost in the number of white blood cells that help fight infection.

Improve posture. Sitting all day doesn’t do our bodies any favors and often lead to posture problems. For office workers with poor posture, this can lead to soreness and tension in the neck and shoulders, as well as pain or weakness in the lower back. Regular massage treatments can help combat this.

Reduce anxiety and depression. Because massage therapy promotes relaxation in the body, it can also help reduce feelings of anxious and depression in regular massage clients.

Provide relief from headaches. Massage therapy has been found to reduce both the frequency and severity of tension headaches according to studies.

Improve sleep. The relaxing effects of massage can be felt in the bedroom too, as many patients have reported they sleep better when receiving regular massage treatment.

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