Argh, it happened.  Despite everything that you did on your end to avoid colds this season, you caught one!  So….now what?  Well, I’ve put together a couple of alternative tips that can minimize symptoms and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.


First things first, take it easy.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day to day running around.  If you’re sick, your body needs to rest.  Cancel all non-essential plans for the week and take care of you.  It’s a good time to catch up on Netflix and that nap you’ve been meaning to take!


Use a neti pot!  I know that if you haven’t tried one before that it can seem akin to water boarding, but trust me, it’s life changing.  The one that I like best is the squeeze bottle version from Neil Med.  You can also purchase a stand for it that sits well in your shower so that it’s always ready and germ free for you.  I find that using the Neti Pot in the shower is the easiest way to remember to do it and the least messy!  Watch a Youtube video or 2 to get some tips to make it more comfortable.  The salt solution for the Neti Pot helps to dry out your sinuses a bit and clear out the gunk.  The one that I like the best can be found on  Amazon . And the stand can be found here .


Cut out sugar and dairy.  Dairy is a known mucus producer.  When you have a cold, the last thing that you need is more mucus!  Easing up on the dairy for a week or so will give your body a chance to get rid of all of the mucus you’re producing without adding to the issue.  Also so little bugs that are causing you to feel yucky loooooove sugar!  Cutting down on sugar can get them to give up and move on sooner so that you can start to feel better ASAP!


Get a massage!  I know that sometimes that last thing that sounds good is being touched when you are sick.  I swear by getting a massage when I don’t feel well.  I find that the night of the massage I will feel about 10 times worse, but by the morning I’m a new person.  Sarah and Alix both have tips and tricks up their sleeves for working on your sinuses to relieve the pressure and help you breathe better.  I also find that I sleep amazing the night of a massage, so it gives my body some time to heal.  Sarah also does some reflexology for your sinuses that is a miracle worker!!


And it goes without saying……GET ADJUSTED!!!!  We have so many patients that call to cancel because they are sick and don’t want us to “get it”.  Trust me, we aren’t afraid of your germs!!!  Your immune system is increased 48% for 24-48 hours after an adjustment.  It’s like sending out a second army to fight what’s ailing you.


Obviously the best treatment for colds are not to catch them in the first place.  Wash your hands, avoid people that have colds already, get some sleep, stay hydrated and get your adjustments!!!  The best offense is a good defense!

  • Dr. Cait