Wow, I can’t believe its Day 12 already!  I have to say, the program at makes this very easy.  Last week was mostly a “left overs” week which really helped in terms of money spent on food.  This week I had a lot of smoothies, lasagna, cheese and crackers and cashew burgers.  On Sunday morning before going grocery shopping, I took the rest of the produce that was not being used and juiced it.  There is a use for everything!

One thing that I’ve realized this week is how terrible the salads are in Portland!  If you know of a great salad with lot of yummy fresh veggies and fruits, please let me know because the options seem limited.  Other than that, eating out is easy.  I just bring a little container with some salad dressing and some nuts to jazz up whatever salad they can come up with and I’m good to go.  I can even have a glass of wine if I decide to.  Whole Foods even has organic wines for $7.99 if you’re interested in doing this more organically.

I made a berry cobbler last night that was amazing.  I got to have it for breakfast since it’s raw.  It was basically nuts, dates and berries, but tasted decadent.  I have found that pretty much anything I could crave or imagine can be found in a raw version.  Elizabeth and I are making pancakes, bacon and enchiladas at our next class.  I keep feeling like I’m “cheating” because of all the nuts and oils that I’m eating, but out of curiosity, I did get on the scale the other day and am down 5 lbs.  I feel like I’m eating all this fancy food and keep forgetting that it’s all healthy, whole foods.  Gotta love that!