Did you celebrate Earth Day this year? The actual day was April 22nd, but I’m talking today about great and easy ways to continue the celebration all spring (and year) long! When we work to take better care of the environment, we also end up taking better care of ourselves. Here are a few ideas I’ve taken to heart, what about you?

Walk or bike to work- A great way to make an impact on the environment as well as your health is to mix up your commute! Walking or biking are good alternatives if you don’t have to travel far.  Those with longer commutes can try carpooling and ride sharing as well as public transportation.

Recycle- This one is easy, with single sort recycling in most towns and recycling bins plentiful.  If you are ever unsure if something should or can be recycled, just check your town or city’s public works site.

Compost- Cut down on trash and make yourself some healthy garden additives by composting! If you don’t have the yard space to start your own compost, you can utilize a composting service (like Garbage to Garden or We Compost it) that pick up your compost on trash day for a fee and give you access to the final product to use for your own plants.

Grow your own veggies- You don’t have to have a lot of yard space to garden, it’s easy to grow many veggies and herbs in containers on a porch or window sill. Tomatoes and salad greens do well in containers as well and give you easy access to salad fixings that are super fresh and right outside your door.

What are some ways that you celebrate Earth Day? Taking care of the environment and taking care of our bodies go hand in hand.  Let’s try to do something nice for them both, every day!


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  • Emily