If you’ve been through a session or two of Active Care it is quite possible that you have experienced an emotional response brought about by the foam rolling or stretches. When our body has been tight for so long, the initial opening can feel very intense, maybe even slightly painful. It is not uncommon to have feelings of stress, anxiety, pain, or irritations arise as you are working through the foam rolling and stretching in Active Care. This is simply the body’s way of releasing locked up energy and trying to bring you to a higher level of relaxation. Past injuries, traumas, illness, these may all trigger an emotional response when you are being adjusted or doing Active Care. The most important thing is to understand that all emotions are just a feeling and only by continued stretching and continued foam rolling along with your regular adjustments, will you be able to let go of the past and move into the future of flexibility, openness and pain free living. Instead of turning away from the uncomfortable feelings that may be an emotional response, it is better to work through it. So hang in there and keep up the good work! As always, we welcome anyone who wants to share their thoughts or emotions as they are going through them. We are here to talk and listen! Continue to do your stretches and exercises from Active Care at home. Continue to come in for your maintenance care with regular adjustments and Active Care sessions. The road to wellness is worth every bit of work!