When your body suffers trauma from a car accident, fall, or any other kind of sudden injury, you may experience a soft tissue injury. In 2017, over 35,000 car crashes occurred in Maine. This means that there were a lot of people that very well could have sustained soft tissue injuries who did not have an injury that was properly diagnosed by a chiropractor. Soft tissue injuries aren’t always as obvious as broken bones or internal injuries and symptoms of injury may not show up immediately after an accident.

After an accident or trauma, you may experience a variety of painful symptoms such as swelling, inflammation, bruising, soreness and stiffness. These symptoms may linger even though the cause may not be easily identified since soft tissue injuries won’t show up on an X-ray.


Different Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

Your body’s soft tissue surrounds and supports your organs and bones. Soft tissue injuries may include injuries to the cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that help you move around without experiencing pain. Soft tissue injuries can happen throughout your entire body and can cause pain in your arms, legs, hands, feet, neck, and back. Whiplash is an example of a soft tissue injury that affects your neck and spine.


Types of injuries you may experience after the trauma of a vehicle crash include:

  • Contusions – injuries which appear black and blue, discolored or swollen
  • Sprains – ligament tears which may be mild, moderate, or severe
  • Strains – injuries to muscles or tendons
  • Damage to fascia – damage to the connective tissue that stabilizes and connects muscles


How Chiropractic Care Can Help Soft Tissue Injuries


When you’ve been hurt in an accident, you should seek to relieve your pain as quickly as possible. Chiropractors are highly trained professionals that are experts in identifying a source of pain and developing a treatment plan that can subside that pain.

Absolute Health Chiropractic & Massage not only treats your symptoms, but we also identify and solve the cause of your symptoms. Your physician will likely prescribe pain medication to help treat the pain you experience, but this will only subside the pain temporarily. Opioids will not heal any soft tissue injury or other injury caused by a car crash.


What Your Chiropractor Can Do for Your Soft Tissue Injuries


Our chiropractors use a bevy of techniques that may help relieve pain you currently have. These techniques include:


  • Thompson Drop Technique – this technique is used for adjustments of the sacrum, lumbar spine, and pelvis
  • National Diversified or Diversified Technique – the primary technique in which a doctor will make chiropractic adjustments
  • Activator – this technique uses an Activator tool to help facilitate adjustments
  • Flexion Distraction – this is a non-surgical technique to help improve spinal notion in the lumbar spine and resolve disc bulges/herniations


Additionally, there are many activities you can do at home to improve the flexibility and strength of the area in pain that is healing. Other techniques you can use include massage or electrical muscle stimulation.


When you experience a soft tissue injury, you can end up experiencing pain on a long-term basis if you don’t receive the proper care. Dr. Morrisroe has the expertise to heal soft tissue injuries. Injuries sustained in a car crash should never be ignored. The chiropractors at Absolute Health Chiropractic & Massage will ease the tension and pain your symptoms cause. Our expert care gives you the best possible chance to recover from a soft tissue injury.