You may have noticed recently the container of golf balls sitting in our office.  These golf balls make an excellent foot roller to use at home or even in the office. Foot rolling has huge health benefits that can often be overlooked. Our feet are our foundation any time we are standing. So our foot health is directly correlated to the rest of our body’s health. Tight or tired feet will lead to tight and tired muscles of legs and hips. Our whole alignment can be off if the feet are in pain or unsupported. Just spending a few minutes each day rolling the golf ball under the feet will make a huge difference. And unlike some exercises, this one feels great! You will notice an increase in the range of motion of the leg muscles after a short amount of time with the foot roller. Another great benefit to note is the release of stress because as we are rolling our feet, the circulation is increased which releases our body’s natural endorphins (those feel good ones). So be sure to pick up a golf ball at your next appointment so you can find the relief and healing of foot rolling at home!