Have you been in to see us on a Wednesday this summer?  Then I’m sure you’ve walked in and around the hubbub in Monument Square….The Farmers Market!  Wednesday lunch breaks have turned into my grocery shopping, there’s just so much to pick from!  From carrots to kim chi and sunflowers to goat cheese, there’s quite a variety.  It’s true, the market can look a little overwhelming at first, but the prices are cheap and the products are about as local as you’re going to get (unless you’re lucky enough to have yard space and time for a garden).  Fresh fruits and veggies that have been allowed to fully ripen on the vine rather than be picked early and travel by truck to your local grocery store, have more nutrients and are better for you.  They also tend to last longer once you get them home because they haven’t had to travel across the country to get to you. Here’s a great article with some more reasons to shop at the farmers market and buy local: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-5793/How-to-Get-the-Most-Out-of-Your-Farmers-Market.html

Not only will you know right where your food came from and when it was picked, you may even meet the farmer who grew it.  From a Chiropractic standpoint, good health comes not only from what you do and how you move and exercise, but also how you nourish your body.  The farmers market makes it easy to feed yourself local, healthy food.  The Portland farmers market keeps up its reign of Monument Square on Wednesdays and Deering Oaks Park on Saturdays until late November.  Through the winter months, you can visit the market on Saturdays at 84 Cove St. in Portland.  For more information, check out their website http://www.portlandmainefarmersmarket.org/  or stop on by after your next appointment and try something new!