We’ve all had them for numerous reasons, at numerous times and at numerous intensities….headaches.  There are many causes and over the years, I’ve learned never to rule out the most interesting causes.  I remember one woman that had been on numerous medications and couldn’t talk about her pain without crying.   Ultimately a combination of adjustments and stretching as well as a nutritional assessment helped her to decrease her medication and go for long periods of time with no headaches. 

Chiropractic is incredibly effective against headaches with none of the side effects often seen with medications.  Headaches are not a “normal” sensation and having them regularly is an indicator that something is amiss.  Allergies, stress, tight muscles, subluxations, food sensitivities and dehydration are some of the more common causes that we can treat easily in our office.

Here is a great article with some research supporting chiropractic as a headache fix.  http://www.chiroaccess.com/Articles/Chiropractic-Effectiveness-with-Headache.aspx?id=0000271

Know someone with headaches or have them yourself?  Be sure to mention it at your next appointment!