With everything going on in the world right now, one of the most important things is to take care of yourself.  Self-care comes in many different forms and we’ve compiled some basics here to help you stay safe and healthy.

Wash your hands: One of the most basic and most important things you can do right now is to wash your hands frequently.  The CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 30 seconds and remembering to get in between your fingers, your thumbs, the backs of your hands and your wrists. Some fun songs you can sing are the choruses to Raspberry Beret, Truth Hurts, Africa etc.

Vitamins: Some vitamins can help to boost your immune system, many people take vitamin D and C for this purpose. If you already take vitamins and supplements, now is the time to make sure you aren’t skipping any days. If you are thinking about adding vitamins into your routine, make sure to do your research and double check with your primary care doc or Dr. Cait if you have any concerns.

Eating Healthy: A great way to keep yourself feeling good is to put good things into your body. Making sure to eat lots of veggies and fruits, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Since most of us are home much more than we usually are, now is a great time to focus on making nutritious foods. Test out a new recipe or experiment with what you have in your refrigerator. While it’s challenging to hit the grocery store as often for fresh produce, remember that frozen fruits and veggies work too!

Regular Exercise: Keeping your body moving is good for your physical and mental health. If you are able to go outside, taking a walk or jog around your neighborhood is a great way to get moving, while staying at least 6 feet away from other exercisers. If you are staying indoors there are so many streaming exercise videos to choose from, move some furniture out of the way and try some out! With many of us also working from home in mostly un-ergonomic situations, it’s also important to take some time to stretch your body.


We hope that these reminders are helpful to you. We at Absolute Health are here to help and are open and taking patients limited hours during these difficult times. Please call 207-699-2622 and leave a message if we are not in the office. We will get back to you as soon as we are able. Take care and stay safe!