It’s the time again! From October to January there are a lot of holidays. Which means one thing, we consume more sugar and unhealthy foods during the “holiday season”. I mean, come on, its hard not to eat some of our kids Halloween candy or have one more piece of pie. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the holidays or indulge in your favorite desserts either. The key is to keep your eating to the holiday not the whole “holiday season”. Let’s try to eat all the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pies on just Thanksgiving Day, rather than stretch it out over time.

Let me set the record straight here for a moment and don’t get me wrong. Please don’t stress about the things you eat during the holiday season but be mindful of how much sugar you are taking in. Trust me I love desserts, like a lot. But I try to be aware of how much I’m eating.

Last thing I want to mention is sugar. Most of the foods we are eating during this time have tons of sugar in them. Sugar can have a negative effect on your body in many ways: it can affect your teeth, skin, liver, heart, your brain and weight gain.  More importantly, sugar can create inflammation and can cause your spine to go out of alignment.  Keep ahead of those issues my making sure you’re coming in for regularly scheduled adjustments!!

So as we get closer to the holiday season remember to not eat mindlessly and eat mindful. I know sometimes it’s not easy to eat mindfully during the holidays but try to avoid overeating while still mindful eating the foods you love!

  • Chelsea