As some of you may know, I recently purchased a new home.  When I was doing the walk through and showings of this house, one thing really resonated with me.  In the closet in the master bedroom, the owner had a piece of paper taped to the mirror that said “I feel best when I”.  Below that statement, she had 1) Have a clean house 2) Eat healthy 3) Connect with friends and family 4) Exercise.

Granted having “Have a clean house” as top on her list definitely made me a bit happier about the purchase, I realized what a great idea this is.  Since moving in, I find myself thinking “I feel best when I” and then filling them in.  My top 4 right now are 1)Have a clean house 2) Drink water 3) Take fish oil 4) stretch.  Sure, those sound like fairly easy tasks to achieve each day, however, with all of the running around, I’m lucky to hit 2 of those on any given day.

This got me to thinking…..if we know what small changes we need to do to make ourselves feel better, why do we put them on the back burner?  As we head into the New Year, let’s all take a minute to complete that sentence  “I feel best when I….”.  Making resolutions doesn’t need to be some big task.  This year, let’s focus on the small things that we can do every day with the sole purpose of making us feel a little bit better!!

– Dr. Cait