Here at AHC, because we are a health care office, we have a lot of sanitizing and cleaning to do every day.  Because we are also concerned with what chemicals we put in the air and the surfaces we touch, we try to use products that are all-natural while still being effective at fighting germs.  Chiropractic is all about giving the body everything it needs to heal itself and work at its fullest potential, why deter that with chemicals that make us break out or sneeze?

 This can be tricky and expensive, as all-natural cleaners and sanitizers can be harder to find and tend to cost more.  One of our biggest culprits in the office is hand sanitizer, which we go through in bottles and bottles every year.  In searching around for easier and more economical options, I found some great and very easy recipes to make your own all natural hand sanitizer at home (or office). 

Check out this video with easy to follow instructions (made for kids, by kids) on how to make your own hand sanitizer at home with only a few ingredients!

Let us know what you think!  Looks fun and like it’s going to smell great!