When Dr. Cait told me that it was my turn to write a blog, the first thing I thought was, “a what? A Blog?”

My first “blog”, what am I supposed to write about? Fear set in….I took a deep breath and just started writing what I am passionate about…..my children and health.

I have always been active; playing sports as a young child then in high school and in college. Then after college as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor and as the Health and Wellness Director for the YMCA.

My passion was health….until my children were born. Then things switched!

I knew the importance of being healthy and now I was responsible for 3 little humans!!! They truly are little sponges and watch everything you do!

My job at the YMCA gave me the wonderful advantage of bringing my “littles” to work with me every day while they were in preschool and even in elementary school.

During my 17 years there my children learned to swim, run, exercise, dance, move their bodies….the list goes on and on. They made friendships that they still have to this day.

Being a single mother I also made sure that they had something to do after school, they all chose sports. I was fortunate enough to live in a community that helped everyone out, so my kids always had other “moms and dads” to lend a helping hand.

What I didn’t realize was that they were watching me….how I treated myself and others, my personal relationships, how active I was in our community, how I exercised and what exercise meant to me, how it made me feel, what I ate.

They watched what I ate and what I fed them. They helped me grocery shop, I would “test” them on healthy foods that gave them energy and foods that made them feel “slow”. They helped me cook. They planted a garden….though I did the weeding!

They watched EVERYTHING!!!

What I didn’t realize was the impact I had on my children until they were in college, and now, even out of college and “adulting”. All 3 stay very active and eat very healthy and have healthy relationships with family and friends.

My daughter, much like myself, enjoys the solitude of working out on her own. She is able to be with her thoughts and decompress, as I do.

My 2 boys are very social and tend to play for any type of team sport they are able to.

I now watch my children grow and realize how fortunate I am, and was, to be able to live my life with my two passions growing together.

So, the next time you see a young child, remember this…..they are watching you…..how will you impact their life?

After all – successful parenting is about raising a successful adult, and successful adults realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Paige