It’s not uncommon for many of us to feel as though we just simply can’t say NO… but we can.  The hardest thing to say NO to for me is FOOOOOD! For the month of May I took on “30 days of healthy living and beyond” clean eating through Arbonne (vowing to do video blog and share with you all my pictures and results) Don’t worry if you missed any of that, because I failed miserably. I’m going to try again. However, you can scroll to the bottom of this for the pictures now.

If I’m being honest it’s not that I missed the mark completely (the sharing part yes) but, it’s that I felt like I had to keep starting day one over and over and over again. For example, Coffee, I can’t say no! Bun on my burger, I can’t say no! Pizza and Beer! Lets just hold the phone on that one.  The list goes on. But I wasn’t completely indulging. It was one “NO” food or thing per day. Ok, well coffee daily, because I can’t say NO! It would end up being that I was great all day (semi-starving) and then the evening would come or worse the weekend.  I think I have figured out where I went wrong and on a positive note, I’m unwilling to give up at being better no matter the outcome of this journey.

So the brief breakdown of what the Arbonne “30 days of healthy living and beyond” is to teach you how to eat clean and stop with pre-packaged food and get back to basics. In order to do this you must:

STEP 1 Eliminate common allergens and non-healthy ingredients. • Wheat/gluten • Dairy •Refined sugar • Alcohol • Soy • Corn

STEP 2 Eat regular, healthy meals throughout the day. 1. Morning: healthy meal/shake 2. Lunch: healthy meal 3. Dinner: healthy meal/shake  (NOTE: It’s best to eat all meals before 7 p.m.)

STEP 3 Eat in the proper portions. • Veggies • Protein • Complex carbs • Fats

Don’t forget you have shakes and tea and fizz drinks to supplement throughout the day, along with a probiotic, fiber and 7day cleans or greens to help hunger and digestion. All a part of the investment made with Arbonne and I can go into more details about this in part two.

These are all things we have heard about being bad for us or controlling with moderation. It has been beaten into our sub conscience from tv, social media and all outside sources currently. We all know we should be better. Why wouldn’t you want to feel good inside and out. So how hard can it be?

It’s exhausting!

Ridiculous and utterly appalling how HARD it really is!

No way am I sugar coating this for you people! I thought and apparently have been telling myself my diet wasn’t that bad for years.

Now that 30 days has come and gone and I’ve lost about 5 lbs and I am still eating semi poorly. I’m going to stop the dramatics and get real with you and most importantly me. This is what I going to do going forward and how I would go about this change when and if you decide to invest in any new healthy eating life style.

Step one:  Take inventory on all your cupboards, fridge and freezer.

Step two:  Come to a REALISTIC understanding of your findings from step one. (I had no idea how many pre-packed snacks we actually ate. Let alone the amount of wheat/ gluten I have on hand)

Step three: Map out your schedule!

This is by far the most important part. Here is where I feel it took a turn for the worst. I was gung-ho and ran out and spent a lot of money on expensive food but didn’t take into sincere consideration that it needed to be prepared and pre-bagged/portioned and simply put, given a lot of time and attention. Then fit all that in to my conveniently quick grab and go life style.  The two don’t mesh. I’m sure your thinking this is common knowledge, right?  It’s been said before over and over that you must stop and make time for yourself to be happy and healthy. I whole heartedly believe this and want to share with you all that the struggle is real. We can put ourselves first and make time to be healthy and happy. And yes, we can say NO, and it will get easier every day.  Stay tuned for part two so you can finish this whole journey with me because it think I’m going to need all the help I can get! Lindsay blog