Hi everyone! I would like to introduce myself to the world that is Absolute Health Chiropractic and Massage. I will be the full-time massage therapist and have so much to say about my excitement on this new journey together! First, I will start with the basics. My full name is Lindsay Lois Marie Molina (soon to someday be Barker, no pressure to my boyfriend Andrew) I am 27 going on 28 in May (gulp!) and I have a 6-year-old daughter Raeliana (ray-lee-anna) Rae for short. I am a lover of all animals but when it comes to that age-old feud, I’m a dog person, sorry about it. Currently I have 3 dogs. 2 girls and 1 boy. Bandit, Jane and Luna. All of them are pretty much mutts and rescued from various places. I must tell myself everyday not to get more… “Three is enough” my new mantra.

At heart I am a country bumpkin and choose to live deep in the woods of Standish. I live on 18 acers and spend majority of my time outdoors. Summer goals, Canning! Although, I do need to get a garden going first. My general personality is “glass half full” and unicorn magic happiness’ but I’m human… Christmas isn’t my favorite time of year. I know! Why? It’s all comes from having an overly indulgent mother. No one can out holiday cheer my mother and that high pitch squeal of excitement for all that is bright and sugar coated. But, can’t live without her, which is why I am 2 streets down. Morning coffee with mom, yes please!

My biggest passion in life … is life! Going, going, going. I hate to stop once I’m off and running. YOLO right? My daughter and I love the water! and the sun for that matter! So, if the sun is out we are. (Not before 8am if possible, I’m not a morning person). Ill participate in just about any activity that’s not going to injure my hands. Bucket list: sky dive! It’s going to happen before I turn 30. Winter is about the only time I become best friends with my couch and devices. Snow ick! No thank you! Beautiful from my window and that’s about it.

I’m also passionate about the human body and all its mysteries!  Which brings us back here to working with the amazing girls at Absolute Health Chiropractic and Massage. I’m a big geek and love knowledge! I am probably the queen of obscure facts. When I first went to school for massage in 2008, I left knowing I needed more. I gained a nail tech license in 2012 and attended massage school again in 2013. This lists of modalities is large. Swedish, Neuromuscular, Trigger point, Myofascial technique (these I use a lot) Sports massage, Reflexology, Hot stones and Polarity therapy (energy based). I know there is more but these are my go to.  I don’t always practice every one regularly but I wouldn’t hesitate to grab a book and refresh anything. It would get me excited again, like it was all new material.

Everyone has complex and unique needs, I feel with my knowledge we can conquer anything together. It brings me joy to give others the chance to change and transform and motivate all aspects of life. The gift of touch effects everyone differently but I know between all of us, we can provide all the care we can to make your goals come true. Even if it’s as simple as becoming more aware of your posture or keeping a nagging pain from an old injury at bay. I am here, ready and willing. Let’s get you on the table and allow your body to melt away into blissful Zen and rejuvenation

I have been waiting for this opportunity to make massage my full-time career and it’s truly a dream to be around like minded individuals who have the same goals for all our clients. My blood is pumping and my brain waves are off the charts with excitement to learn more and be a part of an intricate team of super stars! I can’t wait to meet everyone, so make an appointment today!