Hi! My name is Paige, and I am the “new Ali”! I joined the AHC team after working 3 years for Dr. Rodney Voisine, MD, PA, as his Practice Manager and also as a Patient Educator. In my roll with Dr. Voisine, I worked very closely with the patients on healthy lifestyle practices. My main focus was healthy weight loss, exercise and healthy lifestyle modifications. I then moved on to become the Practice Manager.

I graduated from the University of Maine with a B.S. in Normal Nutrition with a minor in Human Anatomy and Physiology. After college I contracted my time out to different health clubs and gyms in the Greater Portland area as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor.

I continued to teach and train in the area up until each one of my 3 children were born. After my last child, I was hired by the Casco Bay YMCA as the Wellness Director. There I stayed for 16 years, helping the community and children stay healthy. During my time with the YMCA, I was fortunate enough to teach many group exercise classes and train people aged 15 to 89 years of age. I also began the first Beginner Triathlon Training class.

My greatest passion (other than my 3 grown children) is in helping people achieve their own level of health and fitness. I believe everyone has a different idea of what health and fitness is to them and I strive to help people achieve their goals.

When I am not working, I can be found outside. Whether it is hiking, camping, biking, running, skiing or in my true “Happy Place” paddle boarding.  I try to get outside as much as possible!!!

If you have any questions at all about your insurance, schedule, financial needs or other aspects of chiropractic care, I’m happy to help.  I look forward to working with the AHC Team and patients!

  • Paige