As you know, we love introducing you to our clients. We care about them so much, we get to know them so well, and we love being a part of their health journey.

Patricia was definitely a special case. Patricia has a long history of not feeling well. She has always worked in busy and physical jobs and has a very active life. She has herniated discs making treating her complicated. She also had constant swelling in her face from a surgery she had as a teenager that shut part of her nasal cavity and caused her to shy away from cameras most of her adult life.

In the past Patricia had seen an osteopath who would “snap my back and send me on my way” and there was little to no follow up. It was never an ongoing thing.

Because of her herniated discs she also had trouble getting health providers to work with her. They were too nervous about her condition to start a regular treatment plan.

Patricia first saw Absolute Health Chiropractic and the CityFit show. Patricia thought Dr. Cait was very nice and she answered all of her questions. Then she saw the sign for the office every morning when she went to get her coffee at One City Center. “It took me a while to make it in.”

Patricia looked into her insurance and found she is covered for 25 visits a year. She finally decided to make that appointment with Dr. Cait.

“She is the first chiropractor I had ever seen. She asked me what was wrong and I explained everything.”

Patricia worked with the AHC team to create a routine of chiropractic care and Active Care that was covered by her insurance. She started coming in regularly to get started and now is coming in once every three weeks.

Patricia immediately knew after her first sessions that she felt different. She saw significant improvements quickly.

Also, the swelling in her face went down very suddenly! “And the only change to my routine was adding chiropractic care.” Not only can she finally breathe better, but she also doesn’t shy away from the camera quite so much!

“She listens, which is extremely important. If your doctor doesn’t listen, they can’t diagnose you right because they can’t hear what you are saying. I would be in a lot worse shape if she hadn’t agreed to take me on as a patient! I probably would not be doing the work I am doing. My work is my joy, I am a workaholic. I am just a people person.”

One of the most empowering parts is Dr. Cait does a good job explaining what is wrong and what they are working on to make it better. “I know my hips are twisted and she has been working slowly but surely on twisting my spine back to where it is supposed to be. She is finding and fixing these things that have been off for years!”

Her Active Care routine is helping her build strength and she knows it is preventative. “It will stop me from going back to where I was.”

“They are the whole package, and they are right up the road.”

Patricia – Security Guard
Portland, Maine