So pretty much everyone, including myself are setting goals for the upcoming year. They might be personal or business related. They might be something new or something you’ve tried to do before.

I see a lot of people who say things like “I’m going to get working out soon.” or “I might do this fitness challenge.” I tell them that the first thing they need to do is just walk in the gym doors. For some people that’s a challenge in itself. Once you take that first step, as simple as it is, everything gets easier.

If you’re serious about achieving your goal, you should consider getting some help with it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be another person, although that would probably be the best. Try coming up with a way to remind yourself about your goal. Try using a calendar, a phone, a note on your fridge or something that will regularly remind you so you don’t “forget” about what you’re trying to do.

If your goal is something you don’t know much about or can not do on your own, you should seek out someone’s help. If you’ve had a back or neck issue, we’re here to help you with it. In active care, we focus on teaching patients exercises which they can perform on their own at home or at a gym. We have our own private active care room now, which is great for people who are not comfortable exercising on the gym floor.

Most importantly, if you don’t have any goals for the year, make some. When you do have your goal, tell yourself no excuses, no procrastination. Get to it.