Can you believe it?  Yet another blog about Obamacare?  This is a massive program with a lot of moving parts, so I’m trying to chunk it down to smaller, more digestible parts.  Here comes some good aspects to it though!!

-Starting January 2014, preventative measures will be covered.  This includes breast cancer screening and cholesterol screening with no out of pocket costs.

-Also, you can’t be denied services on a pre-existing condition.  This is an amazing breakthrough for many patients!

-Beginning January 2014, you will be required to purchase health insurance.  Should you choose not to, you will be fined.  This also applies to families that don’t purchase coverage.

-For seniors, a part of the plan is designed to decrease the out of pocket cost for prescriptions.  They will have to pay up to 25% of the cost, however, by 2020, the goal is to decrease that to zero.

-A great exciting aspect is that by 2015, a change will be made to how physicians are being paid and it will focus more on quality as opposed to quantity.  This means that all healthcare will be judged by how well they are improving the quality of the patients’ lives.

This is awesome news for Chiropractors!!!

 Stay tuned for upcoming blogs as we find out more about policies and changes!