We are obviously advocates for good chiropractic care any time. We have been hearing a lot from our patients who start coming to see us or had beneficial experiences getting chiropractic care in our office while pregnant.

We asked one of our favorite new moms, Sara, to talk to us more about her experience of getting adjusted during her pregnancies.

Meet Sara

I started coming in because I needed relief during my first pregnancy. I was very uncomfortable. I was not feeling 100% and it felt like my body was turning on me. I started a regular routine and really started looking forward to my ‘tune-ups’!

I live in Westbrook and Absolute Health’s office is right by my office in Portland. It is so convenient to get there and they are always able to sneak me in if I need some relief.

The care I Was Looking For

The Absolute Health Team is so great. Dr. Cait is sweet and amazing. She really listens to you and makes recommendations for more than just chiropractic care.

Sometimes providers tend to be so clinical and medical and lack that empathy piece. Dr. Cait is so brilliant. She knows exactly what she is doing but also has that wonderful and beautiful empathy about her. She exudes compassion while still being a doctor. I think it is rare to see that and that is why I love her. You feel like you are really getting the best treatment – medically and emotionally.

It might not be important to lots of other folks but I also like having a female provider. It is kind of important to me. For me having been through pregnancy, talking to another woman is just different than talking to a man. It is better for me.

I was also surprised at how much Active Care helped. Sitting all day is hard on my body. With Active Care, I find ways to move and stretch my body.

Postpartum Care

I knew I was going to need help during my pregnancy but I was surprised how much it helped after my delivery. After coming home my body was tightening up and I was trying to figure everything out – feeding, sleeping, and literally everything else. I had a lot of anxiety and tension. I knew I needed to get back in for my adjustments and I just brought my baby with me to appointments.

I book my appointments once a month but if I am ever feeling any pain, uncomfortableness, or feel like I am coming down with a cold, or not sleeping, I can reach out and they can always fit me in to be adjusted and then be on my merry way.

How I Know I Need to Go

I know it is time to get in a quick appointment when my back hurts, my neck is tight, I get tension headaches, or I am not comfortable sitting at my desk. Any new pain, I go in before it gets worse. I know a quick adjustment will make me feel better.

Especially during my pregnancy, I looked forward to my visits so much. It is always a relief and I want my tune ups!