We see a lot of clients who are suffering from chronic pain and have a history of misdiagnosis or generally not feeling heard. We also know many folks struggle with insurance coverages or changes.

We try our absolute best to help each person figure out the plan and treatments that will work for them.

We asked one of our favorite patients, Kelsey, to chat with us about her experience finding Absolute Health Chiropractic and about her unique journey with us.

Meet Kelsey

Kelsey has been seeing Dr. Cait for over a year. She and her husband met at a summer camp in Raymond when they were counselors. They lived in New York City where she went to the Fashion Institute and then they spent time traveling.

When they were living abroad,  they joked that if they ever moved back to the United States, they would move to Portland, so they did!

Kelsey has several chronic illnesses and has pain associated with it her whole life. She has endometriosis and a rotating pelvis. For almost as long as she can remember, she has had pain in her abdomen and sciatic pain. “It hurt all the time, everywhere. It felt like my pelvis was pulling my body apart”.

Navigating a pain, no insurance, and a new city

When she moved to Portland, Kelsey knew she quickly needed to find a provider to help her navigate her pain. She also had no insurance. She had good insurance under her parents when she was younger but was no longer eligible to be on their plan.

She called around and no one would see her for weeks and the initial consultation would be hundreds of dollars.

“When I called Absolute Health they said they could get me in in a few days and she told me the cost of the consultation. I thanked her and said I would be in touch. The woman on the phone said ‘if any of your hesitations are financial, please don’t not come in. We can figure something out’. I booked the appointment and they set me up on a payment plan.

“The fact that they would even work with me was life changing and then I met them and oh yea, you are also amazing. I am so glad they gave me that leeway so I could show up for myself.”

Connecting with a provider

Kelsey has seen seven chiropractors and plenty of doctors and has never had a connection or relationship with a provider before. She said she often felt discarded after her transactional appointments.

“I feel so heard by Dr. Cait. Someone is finally paying attention now!”

“When I started going in, she was explaining the science to me. All this time my lower left back pain had been totally ignored. People kept looking and said nothing was wrong with the left side. Dr. Cait showed me it was the rotated pelvis on the right side that was causing the pain on the left side.

I am analytical. I want to know why things are happening. She explains before I ask the question.

In the office, all of the employees are checking on you.  Every single person is genuinely asking. If you were to say ‘I am not ok’ they would all do something about it.”

Making a plan that works for me

We were able to make a plan around Kelsey’s specific pain. We scheduled appointments right before and right after her period because a lot of her flare-ups were based around it. In the past, Kelsey would just plan to be not functional for the whole week of her period.

She has a consistent schedule. She was able to find a job in Portland, has health insurance, and is thrilled chiropractic care is covered on her plan. She says she no longer has the sciatic pain she suffered with for so long.

When asked if there was anything else we should know she added about Dr. Cait “I love her. She also can fix broken zippers also AND she told me about the Toad&Co sample sale.”