A lot of patients have been bringing up discussions about pillows lately so I figured that I would touch on it here.  We only carry one type of pillow in our office and it’s the ChiroFlow Water pillow.  The reason why that is the one and only one that we carry is because that’s what we all sleep on at home.  Here’s how I came to have just those pillows in the office.

A few years ago, I was spending a lot of money on pillows.  It didn’t seem like much, but $10 here and $20 there at Kohls was adding up.  I’d get them home and be in heaven for a couple of weeks and then they would go flat and I’d pass them along to the dog crate once I replaced them.  I was placing a product order one day from our supplier and I asked him to send me one each of his top 3 pillows.  I got the water pillow, one that has a triangle cut out of it for your head and another that had a small round bolster that went under your neck.

I tried the water pillow first since it was obviously the coolest and have never gone back.  The weight of your head displaces the proper amount of water to support your neck.  So, if you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or even the dreaded stomach sleeper, you’re fully supported and comfortable.  There is a slight adjustment period while you are figuring out the appropriate amount of water that you need in the pillow, but we walk you through all of the directions. 

I ended up purchasing for retail a bunch of all of the pillows, however, whenever anyone would ask about them, I was so blown away by the water pillow that it’s the only one I ever mentioned.  I eventually called the company and they took back all of the other pillows and replaced them with the water ones.  So, that’s the reason why that’s the only ones that we sell in our office.

If you come in and mention this blog, we’ll give you 10% off of your own ChiroFlow water pillow!!!  You’ll love it!