Welcome to April in Maine! One day it’s snow, one day it’s rain and one day it’s 55 degrees outside. Early spring this year has been nothing short of unpleasant and sporadic weather. And now that April is here, we would like to think the days of snow are far behind us.

Although some days it doesn’t feel like April, the sun is shining earlier and later, and it feels like there’s more time in the day to enjoy the great outdoors. If you are anything like myself, more daylight means more time to exercise outside- my favorite form of exercise is running. Here are a few great ways to stay on top of your running game & remain uninjured in the process:

Hydrate. Water is an essential element that helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle, so drink up! For every 3-4 miles ran, the body needs fluid replenishment. As you run, your body temperature begins to rise, thus making you thirsty. But don’t be fooled- thirst alone is one of the first signs of dehydration, so make sure during long runs you are staying in tune with your bodies need for water. You should be getting a minimum of 64 oz per day excluding the water that you need to drink to replenish after exercise. Most folks don’t even hit the minimum before exercising so it’s crucial to track and count what you’re drinking. An easy way is to measure the water bottles and glasses you use regularly. Knowing how many ounces are in each cup can help you to hit the goal of 64 oz more easily.
Regular adjustments. To be on your running A game, regular adjustments are crucial. An improperly aligned spine leaves runners prone to parts of the body being weak, thus causing an increase in injuries. Chiropractic care is a great way to prevent the likelihood of a running injury, as well as decreasing the chances of getting sick if you run outside in the cold like myself.
Be wary of uneven running surfaces. Running on sidewalks and pavement is very tough on the body. Especially if you are going from a sitting job right outside to running. Knee and hip pain becomes all too common when you are bearing weight unevenly on each hip. To keep your body in a good equilibrium, always run in the opposite direction from where you came from!
Sneakers & orthotics. In my opinion, running would not be possible without comfortable shoes & sturdy orthotics. My general rule of thumb with running shoes is after about 6 months, I replace them! Sneakers and orthotics are a lot like tires on your car, as you add more miles onto them, they increasingly wear and tear, thus need replacing. Here at Absolute Health, we offer and fit everyone for ALINES, which are orthotics that focus on maintaining proper alignment and balance- no matter what activities you enjoy doing!

Last but certainly not least- don’t forget to always dress properly for whatever weather April brings, happy running!!