Hi everyone, its Chelsea here and I’m going to share something that is very special to me. Summer is right around the corner (hopefully, come on SUN) and down on Kennebunk beach something amazing happens in the summers.

Summer is the highlight of the year on the Maine coast. The months we look forward to the most are July and August, with the bonus of June and September. This is when the warmth of the sun brings the best of outdoor activities to the forefront. The beaches of southern Maine are perfect. There is also something magical about Maine coast in the summer but the most beautiful thing that happens is on the third Tuesday in June, July and August.

It’s called Special Surfer. For the past three summers I’ve been volunteering at this heartwarming event. Every third Tuesdays around 5:30 kids and young adults with special needs are taken out in the ocean to learn to surf. Most of these children and young adults have never had the opportunity to get on a surf board and ride the waves. As you look at the ocean it’s filled with so many kids surfing, laughing and the biggest smiles you would ever see that you can’t help but smile back. All the spectators are cheering for each kid in the water. The spirit on the beach is so infectious. These kids are so happy and able to just be themselves in the water. It’s so special to see how many kids and their families come out to this event, rain or sun and with so many volunteers the families don’t need to pay for a thing. As we all know sometimes the weather and water is pretty cold but each kid is provided a wetsuit. If you are around the area go and watch or even volunteer at this event. It will make all these stressful moments gone once you hit the beach and watch all the kids in the water.

At the end of the day surfing is tough for anyone to learn and requires lots of patience and practice. We here at AHC have a lot of patients that surf here in Maine and other parts of the world. If you want to spend more time in the water and improve your skills then chiropractic care can definitely help!