Hi everyone! It’s me Chelsea and I wanted to talk about working out in the summer. It seems in summer we get very busy with weekend plans and trying to enjoy the weather as much as possible…especially here in Maine because summer is so short! This can often make it harder for us to get to the gym. We wake up, the sun is already shining in the windows, birds are chirping…it’s a perfect day….to workout! However, most of us don’t think that way but here are ways to get out of the gym and enjoy these days while we have them! Here are a few things to stay active in the summer:

Kayaking is an awesome workout! The good thing is, you’re close to the water and you’re sitting down. Win win! You will be working your shoulders, grip, and core while enjoying a nice breeze! Sign me up! Paddle boarding is also a great way to stay cool while working out. Paddle boarding is working your balance, core, shoulders, and arms. Paddle boarding is an all body workout and one of my favorite things to do in the summer.

Running! Now that we have more sun light means we can get in a quick run before work or before heading off to a barbecue. I know, most people don’t want to get up earlier than they have to but doing a workout in the morning can make you feel more energized and you can clear your mind before heading into work or to the beach. You can get in a quick workout before it gets too hot out and have the rest of your day to do whatever!

Hiking is also awesome during the summer. You can see how beautiful the place we live is but also work on some muscles. When we hike we work the quads, calves, glutes and abs! Now I know the ocean water is a little cold, but come on we live in Maine and we are used to the cool water! Get out and go swimming. Swimming is so relaxing but also a great work out!  It great for cardio and strength training.

Here are a few more ideas! Frisbee, beach volleyball, biking, walking, badminton or tennis! Whatever you do this summer to stay active just remember to stay hydrated and continue to stretch! There are always ways to fit in some healthy habits while enjoying your surroundings.