Our word of the week this week isn’t even a word, it’s a number….7.5 years.  I’ve gotten some fun, and interesting guesses from patients as to what this number might mean, but it comes down to the power of positive thinking.  People who have generally positive outlooks on life tend to live on average 7.5 years longer than their negative counterparts.   That’s a pretty staggering number for turning around your way of seeing things, huh?  Having a positive outlook on life entails a lot more than just how you view daily situations though.  Here’s a list of some general traits of positive thinkers:

  • Personal health
  • Surrounded by other positive thinkers
  • Happiness
  • Wellbeing
  • Active Lifestyles

How your body feels has a great deal to do with how happy and positive you are.  A properly functioning nervous system can help you deal with stressors (internal and external) more easily and therefore remain positive.  Which ties us back to chiropractic, an important part of keeping your nervous system functioning well is your regular chiropractic adjustment.  Let us help you stay healthy AND happy!