Here at Absolute Health Chiropractic, we see a lot of distance runners as patients. Why is this? Well, it’s from running too much. Actually, that’s the problem not the cause .There can be two causes. Either there is a problem with your body or a problem with your footwear.

Also there is the fact that there are some of us that are better at running long distance than others. Based on what muscle fiber types you have, you may have the potential to be a great sprinter or distance runner. No matter how you are built, you need to have all the right muscles doing their jobs, and running isn’t just about calf muscles.

Then there is the next part, footwear. We’re all built to run on the balls of our feet, not on our heel like most running shoes force us to. Most expensive running shoes just help delay the problems, that cheaper and less shock absorbing shoes would create faster.

The repetitive heel strikes shoots force up your legs, through your hips and into your spine. This eventually leads to injury for most people. We’re here to help you get your back, back into shape so you can start running again. Try to diversify your workouts, and add strength training, it will help your body get through things stay moving longer.

Here’s an interesting video, which helps explain why we naturally run in a different manner than the modern running shoe is designed.