Have you ever heard of cupping? How about during the 2016 Olympics when Michael Phelps was covered in red bruises? Curious about what it is or if it can help you? We, of course, are here to help you figure that out!

Cupping may be popular now but it actually dates back to ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern Cultures. It is based on the belief that certain health problems can be caused by poor energy flow through your body and stagnant blood.

Cupping practitioners place specialized cups on your skin, in specific areas, and create suction. These cups are typically made of glass or silicone. The pressure the cups create draws blood to the affected area and increases blood flow overall. The cupped area will bruise but will be back to normal within the following ten days.

Cupping can help with pain, blood flow, inflammation, relaxation, muscle tension, circulation, and deep tissue massage. Lots of people have used cupping to treat chronic pain, back pain, headaches, digestion issues, and stress. Cupping can also be used when you start to feel like you are getting sick.

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