Last night after a super busy day on my feet, I got home, got myself a lime popsicle, and was anticipating sore feet and an achy back… but guess what!? Nothing. I felt fine, and thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until today when I was reflecting on how much I was on my feet yesterday, how I usually get home and need to lay down and ice, that I realized how great I felt! I have been wearing my ALINE inserts for just about 3 weeks now, and I can’t speak highly enough of them. It took me about a week for my body to start getting used to them. My muscles and body were working differently than they were used to (just LOOK at the pictures we took today!!). With my ankles supported and in the correct position, my knees and hips are starting to follow suit. Years of working jobs that required me being on my feet, hiking mountains, playing tennis, recovering from hip and back injuries all took quite a toll on my feet and lower body. I just thought it was normal to experience discomfort and pain at the end of the day but I learned the hard way that that isn’t necessarily true. Along with regular chiropractic visits, stretching, icing and wearing my “toes” (what I call my CorrectToes; also sold here and also awesome for aligning and strengthening your toes) at night, I have been able to work long days pain-free! My feet – for the first time in a VERY long time – are working the way they need to for my body to perform at its full potential and it feels awesome. If you haven’t been fitted yet, I say do it! They are unlike any other orthotic that I’ve seen and tried before. Check out the before and after photos. The first one showing my pancake feet (as Dr. Cait calls them), ankles touching the posts and it just looks terrible. The second one is showing my feet with the support of the ALINEs. The improvement is simply incredible.alines before and after