If you don’t already use one, you’ve probably seen what looks like a small teapot in someone you knows bathroom, causing you to ask “what is that thing”?  Whether blue plastic or a ceramic Aladdin lamp, they all serve the same purpose, helping to clear out your nasal passages and sinuses. 

Most people initial reaction to flushing out their sinuses with a miniature teapot is “ewww” and in some respects, they have a point.  It can get pretty gross in there.  Flushing the sinuses dates back thousands of years as an ancient ayurvedic practice and is recommended as both a “natural” health tool and also by doctors and ear, nose, and throat specialists. 

I first discovered the neti-pot when I was in high school at the recommendation of my primary care physician.  I’ve suffered with allergies since I was a little kid, everything from dust and pet hair to pollen.  Medications didn’t seem to make a difference and I was bringing Sudafed to school with me just to make it through the day.  Using a neti-pot on a regular basis, in conjunction with chiropractic care has kept my allergies under control without the use of any medicine.  It’s been years now since I’ve taken a Claritin or Benadryl!  

Especially at this time of year, where it seems like colds run rampant and everyone has some sort of “bug,” it’s that much more important to take care of your heath and boost your immune system.  In scientific terms, rinsing with a neti-pot can help to clean your cilia, the small hairs that either push mucus down your throat or out your nose, helping them to work more efficiently and remove irritants and potential for illness.  Keeping your sinuses clear and your nervous system in check with chiropractic adjustments gives your body what it needs to take care of itself and fight off any “bugs” that come your way.  Ask us for more information and try a neti-pot today for a healthy and happy holiday season!