The New Year is right around the corner and for most people one things comes to mind…what is my resolution this year?

The first things that quickly come to everyone’s mind are losing weight, getting to the gym more or eating healthier. However, this year I’ve been thinking about my goal and what is really important to me. I have chosen the word “joy”. What does this really mean? My resolution is to plan more activities that bring me joy.  So I sat down and really thought what do I really love to do? I wanted to make sure I take the time to have fun! Whether that would be getting outside more, spending more time reading rather than watching TV or doing some more CrossFit competitions. I really want to make sure I spend time doing things I love to do.

As a reminder as we get closer to the New Year and we start to think about these goals try not to think of HUGE goals. Rather, small ones that you know you can achieve throughout the year.  Make realistic goals. It could be as simple as having more family time. Sitting down at the table once a week for a family meal. Again, creating small goals may help achieve a larger resolution down the line. If your goal is to lose weight start off small and keep a journal. If you set small goals you will feel amazing when you achieve them, which will keep you going throughout the year.  Even if you have the same goals as last year there is always room for improvement!

So while you are at home enjoying the holiday season take some time to reflect on what you’ve achieved in the last year and what you want to accomplish in 2019. Choose a goal that matters to you and ask yourself what you really want to accomplish for the year. Be creative, be clever and be confident in your own ability! I wish everyone a safe and happy 2019!


  • Chelsea