It seems to me like I’ve been seeing a lot of people getting sick lately. If someone gets sick it’s probably because they didn’t take steps to avoid it. Make sure you wash your hands regularly, avoid putting your hands in your mouth and eyes. Those are a few things which you should be doing anyways, but really need to be stringent about when there are sick people around.

What people forget is that getting the right amount of sleep, working out, and eating right all help prevent catching a cold. For myself, I never get sick if I’m working out regularly. When I do catch a cold usually it’s because I’ve stopped working out for one reason or another. Dr. Cait has also not had a cold in 2 years, which she credits to having regular adjustments. Getting adjusted removes stress and strain from the nervous system.  This allows our body to fight colds, increases our immune system and helps us to feel better overall.  Chiropractic doesn’t only help you to feel better, it also helps you to heal better.

You should also be conscious of over-training, irregular sleep patterns, and even eating too much of a good thing can be bad.

Take a look at the graph below, if you were to wake up with only 4-6 hours of sleep you can see how your body is not ready to perform at its full potential. This leaves you in a state which you are more susceptible to the common cold and other sickness.

Healthy Sleep Cycle