To get to root of this question, have you ever asked yourself why you like massage or feel that you need it? Did you answer: “it feels good”, “for relaxation”, “for stress”. These are great reasons! Feeling well is reason enough for me. Is massage worth all that money? Are there no other things we can be spending our time and money on to make us happy? Yes of course! But do those things allow you to aid in your overall health? Are there other activity’s that can engage all the systems of your body to improve your immunity, your muscle tone, your overall mood by simply laying in a warm blanket and closing your eyes?

Time and again we read studies that people who hold less stress are healthier, more fit, happier, live longer etc…  Things we all want and strive for. So, why not massage? Believe it or not massage is a process in which you yourself accept the work being done to you. What I mean by that is, you are actively engaging in your own self-care and self-healing.  This may sound like hocus pocus, but having an open mind is kind of the point.  If you are open to feeling good, then good things feel great! We can all agree that there is a difference when you have a good massage and a bad massage. There are many factors at play.  A huge one being, are you okay with being touched? But for all purposes we are going to assume you have had massage before and know the drill.

Bad massages can consist of things like your therapist talks the whole time, or it was too cold in the room or the music was too loud.  The pressure was too much or maybe too little. These things are outside sources that can play a part to an unsatisfactory treatment. Many people at one point or another have experienced a bad massage but this doesn’t deter them from receiving more massage, they just need to find the right therapist and right place of business where its offered.

Good Massage or great massage ends up feeling addicting and something you wish you had done a lot sooner or could do more often.  The reason being that you care about your body and self. The therapist acts as the vessel in which to help you stay on task during the process. It is no coincidence that your therapist provides a calming and warm environment for you to enter with dim lighting and music that elicits sleep. It is also no coincidence that the therapist has a very conscience touch.  Our jobs are designed to specifically cater to your body’s needs.

When all the conditions are right and the experience is successful, you get the most benefit to your body. Try being present with the treatment and being in tune with your bodies needs while receiving massage. Not many people can say they have mastered this and it a key ingredient to a happy, healthy life. If massage aids in this then I must ask why not get massage?

Being present: “The act of being present, in a sense, a meditation without meditating. Breathing, attending, witnessing, releasing and breathing again.” *