About 2 weeks ago, we posted a picture on our Facebook of a 4 week and 2 day old baby getting her first adjustment.  The background to that story is that her brother, sister, mother and father have been getting adjusted for many years.  The mother increased her visits during the pregnancy as she was having a lot of low back tightness and pressure.  As the pelvis shifts to make room for the growing baby, muscles can tighten and tense and cause pain and radiating leg issues.

I had had numerous talks with the mother about the type of birth that she wanted to have.  She mentioned on numerous occasions that she wanted the least amount of interventions possible.  I pointed her to some websites and movies that would help to educate her and answer some of her questions.  This was her third pregnancy and she felt like she knew her body a lot better through this process.

She did, in fact, get to have the birth that she wanted.  She had no drugs or interventions and was so pleased with how it went.  Once she was up and out with her children she asked if she could bring in Madeline for her first adjustment.  Upon seeing that picture, many people said to me, “’Why would a baby need an adjustment? What could be wrong with them?”  The truth is that malalignments of the spine begin during the birthing process.  Whether it’s c-section, all natural or with medical intervention, it’s a pretty rough experience for the baby.

The best time to get the baby adjusted is as close to the birth as possible so that compensations don’t start forming in the body.   Obviously it’s a much more gentle adjustment and I only use my index fingers for the most part.  I have done additional training in treating infants, children and pregnant mothers and am aware of common issues that can occur.  This can help the child to sleep better, decrease colds, increase breast feeding and decrease colic. 

When you think about how great you feel after an adjustment….don’t you want the same for your children?Image