Alright, alright, alright (Matthew Mcconaughey voice) welcome to 2020! I hope everyone had a great holiday and now it’s back to normal life without all those holidays getting in the way. At this point its dead of winter which sometimes makes it harder for us to stay active. Don’t let the chill in the air make your exercise goals stop. Here are some ideas for staying active in winter weather!

In Portland we have a ton of activities that you can find indoors! We have rocking climbing, you can find a rec center and play some basketball, the Maine warrior gym, or swimming at the YMCA. Other ideas are bowling, ice skating or just even walking on Commercial Street (I know the last two are outside but still good ideas!). Have kids? A great way to get exercise is at a trampoline park (spend 5 minutes jumping and tell me how you feel, that will sure get your heart rate up fast)!

I’ve talked about this before but set up a small space in your place to do a home workout! You don’t need any special equipment for whole body work outs. For example lunges, squats or even jumping jacks! Anything to get your heart rate up. You can also buy some stretch bands and get a full body work out with just that! Take the stairs and skip the elevator, take the long way around or take 5 minutes in your day and walk around. Don’t have time work out? Take 10 minutes and do a few things before you sit down on the couch and watch some TV for the night. Get yourself up move even if it’s only for 3 minutes. It’s better than nothing.

So as we enjoy the rest of winter take some time for yourself and continue to stay active even if it’s only for a few minutes. Also set some goals for yourself in 2020. It’s a new year and take time to reflect on what you’ve achieved in 2019 and set the bar a little higher for yourself this year. Choose a goal that matters to you and ask yourself what you really want to accomplish for the year. Be creative, be clever and be confident in your own ability! I wish everyone a safe and happy 2020!

  • Chelsea